Assisting our clients on all topics related to their wealth is our core business. Our ultimate goal is to create and deliver value over the long term.

Wealth Management

Each client has specific needs, be it his desire to receive a regular income or have its capital growing.

Some will favour a defensive stance, while others will prefer a more dynamic approach. Let us first get to know each other before defining an adequate investment strategy. The diversity of our customers implies a multiplicity of approaches, each of which is adapted to a specific profile.

Family Office

Thanks to our expertise and our network of external experts, we are able to offer you global wealth management services.

We consolidate your financial and non-financial assets and make sure you always have an overall vision of your wealth. Our network of experts assists you in your process of domiciliation and/or in your search of a new home. It organizes your stays abroad and/or advises you in your choice of a school for your children.

Real Estate

You want to acquire a property or negotiate a new mortgage?

We have a strong expertise in housing financing and can assist you in your search for the best solution. We solicit several financial institutions, banks or insurance companies, in order to obtain the best possible offer and to ensure healthy competition.